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KIPOK Medical Facility


The overall goal is to promote access to health services amongst Maasai community through designing and implementing relevant health programmes on HIV/AIDS awareness, preventive measures and home-based care for those infected and reducing children mortality rate amongst the Maasai community.

Many poor people, children and women in particular pastoralists communitiea, die without ever accessing a health facility. Equitable and sustained access to care, support and treatment are essential to improve the well–being and life expectancy of people living with HIV and AIDS, but issues pertaining to finances, infrastructure, human, and logistical weaknesses need to be resolved first, so as not to further weaken an already constrained health system.

MWEDO Intervenes to decline the proportion of births attended by trained medical personnel, the continued poor nutritional status of under fives, and the fact that almost close to 90 percent of all child deaths are due to preventable causes – malaria, pneumonia, diarrhea, malnutrition and complications of low birth weight; and to HIV and AIDS.

The key obstacles include long distances to health facilities, inadequate and unaffordable transport systems, poor quality of care, weak exemption and waiver system to the poor who are unable to pay for health services, shortage of skilled providers and poor governance and accountability mechanisms. MWEDO aims at reducing infant mortality, child mortality, malaria related mortality and maternal mortality.

By solving the above problems MWEDO decides to build its own health center at the grassroots level so the community can access the all required health services.

The Dispensary serves as a community facility that fights against HIV and AIDS pandemic through developing community based intervention within the context of sexual and reproductive health, serves as a training facility for local community health providers such as Traditional Birth Attendants, Peer health Educators and promotes gender equity and responsive Human Rights approach.

In addition to that MWEDO health center conducts a Voluntary Counseling and Testing in the outskirt communities that cannot be easily accessed in order to create and reach out to community level awareness.