Education Access Program (EAP)

The overall goal of the education program is to provide education opportunities to underserved communities and promote education amongst Maasai women and girls through access to education. The objective is to reach out to more girls’ and increase the number of girls who access education opportunities to over 1000 girls by 2015. The organization currently supports over 400 girls through school fees, boarding, medical, transport, and study learning exchange activities.

The other component our Education Access Program is the adult literacy activities provided to adult young women, who were not able to access opportunities through formal education, the illiteracy rate is estimate at 75 among women and 80% among women in Maasai communities. The 5,000 women under this program are determined to learn to read, write and simple numeracy for the very first time in their lives. The Adult Literacy Education has come as tool for women empowerment since the women become more confident as they learn several skills including business and leadership skills. They are now able to contribute effectively in decision making meeting and more capable of forwarding their demands to local and national governments.

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